CLOW VALVE & KENNEDY Plant & Industrial - Metal Seated Gate Valves AWWA C500

  • CLOW Double Disc Gate Valves (AWWA C500) NRS or OS&Y, Flanged or Mechanical Joint Ends (class 150 & 250)

Rotating Disc Gate Valves

Kennedy Plant & Industrial (formerly American R/D) Series 50 Rotating Disc gate valves are a time proven product. This design has been manufactured and in service since 1908. These valves meet all requirements of AWWA C500, latest revision, and applicable ANSI, ASTM, and other industry standards. Kennedy(ARD) has more metal seated gate valve manufacturing and engineering experience than anyone in the industry.

  • 3” - 54” valves are rated at 250 psi and hydrostatically tested to 500 psi –ductile iron construction. Sizes 60” - 108” rated at 100 psi and tested at 200 psi
  • Rugged, full body thickness- more iron better resistance to corrosion
  • Selection of coatings — internally and externally — NSF-61 approved — meets AWWA C550, protects interior and exterior
  • All working parts are perfectly plain with no pockets to collect sediment or prevent free and easy movement
  • Internal parts cannot be assembled incorrectly or become disengaged while in service
  • Revolving discs, which seat in different positions each time the valve is operated, ensure maximum life in the most exacting conditions
  • Extra-wide disc and body seat ring faces provide a large seating area
  • Bypass valve equalizes pressure to ensure less stress on the discs when opening/closing the valve